Monday, January 7, 2013

Enrollment of Members, Membership Project

7th January 2013, It was the starting of the year of 2013. Happy New Year of 2013 ! In the meantime, we had succesfully recruited 72 new members to join our big leo family. Members are important assets for all clubs ! Joining leo is a extremely meaningful  thing as we are able to lend a helping hand to the one who need our help, develop skills as an organizer, experience teamwork, have fellowship and friendship and so on. It's nice and great by joining leo club !

Come join our big leo family ! 
ROARING IN 2013 ! :D

Pichas' time ! ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini Garden, Environmental Project

10th September 2011, It was a very good morning and our club had a little environmental project today. BODs and members gathered at our school and we were going to decorate our school area by building a mini garden. We planted hibiscus in school in conjunction with Malaysia Day. Beside that, we also planted bougainvilla and also the another plants to build a better environmental view. :D
Happy Malaysia Day! ROARRR!

Let the pichas talk now! ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

32nd Leo Clubs Joint Installation of Region 5 & 6

28th of August- T.G.I.S, it was a wonderful Sunday. The Leos woke up in the early morning and took bus to go Ipoh. We were so exciting cause we're heading to Restaurant Seri Lido. This time I would never ask you to guess where were we going, cause everyone know today was a big day for the incoming bods of Leo Clubs of Region 5 and 6. Tata! It was the 32nd Leo Club Joint Installation of Region 5 & 6!
We reached there about 9am and made ready for the rehearsal. The ceremony started among 11am and we used our brunch at there. We'd enjoyed the performances and the event. The ceremony ended about 3pm. Lastly, Congratulation to the incoming bods of Leo Clubs of Region 5 & 6. And wish all the best for them.
To handle well the club is our responsible, we will always try our best to manage and take over our club! We promise we will lead our club to a higher level, and we will show you that our club is stronger than before!
Once again, congratulation to the incoming bods! ROARRR!!!

Let the picture talk now. :)

I.T. Chairperson